Punishing potty mouths

In a large family, there is always a feud going on. I generally let the fire burn out on its own. There are a few times when I will intervene, threat of violence, or potty mouth. My little red has a temper, maybe it’s because of the red hair. He can belt out some potty words aimed at his sisters. Now let me clarify that by potty mouth I mean, mean spirited insults. Now he has been known too cuss the Devil.

When I was growing up punishment was different then modern day. If I said a potty word I would been eating some Ivory soap. I don’t remember actually needing to eat the soap. It seemed dangerous somehow. I vowed to never force my child to eat soap.

I came up with something much better and worse tasting! Little Red hates black strap molasses, so every time he uses inexcusable language, I break out the bottle of molasses. He hates the taste and his potty mouth episodes have decreased. Plus it is actually nutritious for him.

Just to clarify, I’m in no way bashing any parents choice of punishment. Do what works in your family. I just thought I would share what works in mine.

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Is it fun or is it learning?

Our homeschool is very relaxed, borderline unschool. Homeschooling kids with autism disorder is a huge challenge for me. Most curriculum choices tend to work only for a few months or not at all. My husband has paid thousands of dollars over the years for math and reading programs. Saxon, CLP, BJU, Horizon, Abeka. Yup, we have purchased them all. These books sit practically unused on a shelf collecting dust.

Not much traditional school work has been done this week. We have done some baking, cooking, occupational therapies, speech therapies, educational games on the IPAD, put together jigsaw puzzles and practiced sight words. Not much in the way of the average 9 year old homeschooler. But then again my kids are not your ordinary 9 year olds. I always feel like a slacker for not trying too keep up with the “joneses”

Last night I went to the school room and pulled down the monopoly game. I gathered the kids in the LVR and we put the game together. They had never played it and I was concerned that their skills wouldn’t be up to snuff. Boy was I wrong! They were adding, counting money, and strategizing their next moves. They had a blast and so did I! I had to do the reading for them but they were learning. We played for 3 hours!

They never had a clue that they were learning!

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When good smoothies go bad

This morning I noticed that a bunch of bananas were going bad. Not wanting to throw them out I sliced them into chunks and placed them onto a baking sheet. I put the baking sheet in the freezer. I told my daughter that we would make smoothies after dinner. So, after dinner I took out the frozen banana chunks and a bag of frozen pineapple. We added the bananas, pineapple and milk to the blender. All was going smoothly until the blender died. The mixture was no where near smoothie quality. Not to fear! I took bowls out of the cupboard and scooped the thick mixture into single serve portions. It was a big hit! The kids kept asking me for more “banana pineapple ice cream”.

So, I guess I made a new healthy dessert. Shhh don’t tell the kids it’s good for them!

Frozen banana chunks
Frozen pineapple chunks
Milk, soy milk or almond milk

Partially blend mix until a very thick texture is reached. I used 6 bananas and a bag of pineapple and it served 6 people.

Next time I think I might try frozen berries and bananas.

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Have you tried Tide Pods?

I am a penny pincher, in fact my friends use to say that I could pinch a penny so hard that boogers would come out of Lincoln’s nose. I didn’t think it was funny at the time. I try to save money on practically everything. I am the queen of store brands! I dislike buying throw away items such as Laundry soap. I’ve tried making my own but my DH didn’t care for the smell. That’s another story though. Normally I would purchase the cheapest laundry detergent which was usually Arm & Hammer or Purex. Our laundry room is in the basement and I frequently forget a load in the washer. I’m terrible at keeping up with laundry and sometimes I leave a load in the washer for a day or two. What a nasty smell! So, I would have to wash that load again,which means more water, more detergent. I was “blowing” money down the drain.

Last month at Walmart I purchased a small package of Tide Pods. They were more expensive than I prefer but I wanted to try them. The other day I left a load in the washer for 2 days and they still smelled freshly washed!

Tide pods: located in the laundry detergent isle. This product comes in a clear plastic bin with a bright orange lid. Each pod is a small clear pouch that contains a detergent, brightened, stain remover. According to the directions you turn on the washer, drop in a pod, fill tub with water, add clothes, shut lid. I don’t have time or all that waiting. I turn on washer, drop in pod and then add my laundry. I have yet to find this item on sale. However, I have found many coupon websites offering coupons and samples. Google Tide pods to find coupons. The average price is about $15 for a big package.

The owner of this blog accepts no responsibility for the use of this item. You should follow the directions on the package and keep product and container away children.

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Praising The Lord for this news

This morning I heard the most glorious news and I want to share it with the world. My friend “Lee” and her husband were told that they would never get pregnant. They tried to adopt only to be turned down. They painfully longed to have a baby of their own. Our church has been praying on their behalf for a long time.

It seemed that with every hope their was a disappointment. But, it appears that our Heavenly Father was listening all along. This morning my friend took a pregnancy test……And it was POSITIVE!

She tearfully told the congregation of her news this morning. What a beautiful Sunday morning to get such wonderful news! They will be wonderful parents. Her husband “jay” wiped away tears of happiness. The power of prayer is amazing. The church prayed for years in their behalf. The Lord answers prayers but he does it in his own time!

Today I thank The Lord for his awesome power.

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Free family fun

Are you looking for free family fun for your children? Parenting and being frugal can be a challenge. I have put together a list of fun ideas.

Many people don’t realize the library offers free programs for children and adults. In most cases you don’t even need a library card. But, if you don’t have a card you get one, after all they’re free.

Children’s Museum
Many children’s museums offer a monthly family night. This is usually a week night that is sponsored by a local vendor. Call your local museum to find out if they do this. In my research I have also discovered that some museums offer seriously reduced entrance fees for kids on government assistance. It never hurts to ask!

Sugar Bush
Most maple syrup farms have guided tours explaining the process of turning maple sap into syrup, hay rides, and demonstrations on how syrup was made in the past. Near Salem Indiana there is a very nice Sugar bush and every February and March they have a very nice Maple syrup festival. Most things are free. Kids seem to be drawn to this event. They have an all you can eat breakfast for a charge. Look in your area too see if this is available. You haven’t had cotton candy until you’ve eaten maple syrup cotton candy!

Art Gallery
Many art museums have a Monthly family day. Kentucky has an art museum that offers a free family Saturday. Give your local gallery a call to see if they offer this. Does your town have a carniege art center? If yours does then give them a call, on top of free admission they offer free children crafts.

Star Gazing
Some Universities have free star gazing evenings in the summer at their observatories. You can also look in the yellow pages for astronomy clubs. Some of these clubs invite you to attend a star gazing meeting, in hopes that you will join.

Farmers Market or small town market
By friending some of the vendors my family and I have gotten free vacation nights at a local vineyard (during slow times). We have been allowed to go to vineyards and pick apples for free at the end of the season. My kids frequented a bead lady, now every time she sees us she gives my kids take home crafts. Don’t be afraid to talk to these vendors they are very knowledgeable. Corydon, Indiana has a nice downtown market called Develop Downtown. Open on Saturdays from spring to early fall.

Fire Station/EMT station
Call your local station for a free tour. Call first to schedule this free tour.

Call your local hotel and ask if you can use their indoor pool. Many hotels allow this during slow times and for a small fee. You can even book winter birthday parties.

Once a year the Y offers a week long free admission. Some YMCA’s have very nice family pools. Call your Y and inquire about this.

Nature centers
Many centers offer free programs for kids.

Grocery clubs
Many clubs offer free samples on Saturdays. Our local club offers so many different samples that you can fill up on them….FREE meal. Plus kids like being able to try those different items.

Health food stores
Many of these stores offer free tours, samples, and some even have very nice health related classes for a small donation.

Fall festivals
Some towns offer very nice fall festivals. In New Albany, Indiana during their Harvest homecoming (October) they offer a kids tent Saturday. Which is an awesome day of 100% free fun. Crafts, snacks, shows, balloon creatures, face painting, rock wall, inflatables. Does your town offer anything like this?

Big churches
A lot of those big churches offer a lot of community free programs. Scout their websites.

Many restaurants offer free product or nearly free days. In my area Krispy Kreme offers a free day once a year.

What fun can you have for free?

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How I keep from over spending on Christmas.

Well, the holidays are over! For the most part the decorations are down and soon the credit card or checking statements will be placed in your mailbox. If you are like most then you may have spent a tad more then you had anticipated.

We didn’t over spend this year for Christmas,but we almost did!

Shopping for 5 kids makes me want to pull my hair out. That old saying about Women being born to shop doesn’t apply to me. I dislike shopping!

Every year around October, My kids tell me what they want. Usually something like silly putty, Barbie dolls, John Deere tractors, etc. I then go online and shop. Once all the stuff arrives in the mail(free shipping),then my husband and I go into the basement. We set up a table for each child. Then we sort those gifts onto each child’s table. With everything sorted I make a list with each child’s name, gift description, price and rather or not it was requested. Every child has a gift budget of usually $75-$125. I go through the list and do the math and I also look at the gifts and make sure it is a match for my child. A lot times as a parent we purchase things that “we want” our kids to have.

This year my math was way off! In fact I had over spent by $225 on two kids. I then realized the items I had over paid on were ones that my kids hadn’t requested. So, because of our system we were able to catch the mistake and return them to the store. We stayed on budget!

One of my kids can’t stand to hear paper ripping. Instead of buying expensive gift bags, my husband gets 5 tall boxes (one for each kid). We place all the gifts in each kids box. Then we decorate the outside of the box. By doing this we eliminate the cost of wrapping paper and my kids love digging in their box for treasures.

I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas and New Year.

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