Have you tried Tide Pods?

I am a penny pincher, in fact my friends use to say that I could pinch a penny so hard that boogers would come out of Lincoln’s nose. I didn’t think it was funny at the time. I try to save money on practically everything. I am the queen of store brands! I dislike buying throw away items such as Laundry soap. I’ve tried making my own but my DH didn’t care for the smell. That’s another story though. Normally I would purchase the cheapest laundry detergent which was usually Arm & Hammer or Purex. Our laundry room is in the basement and I frequently forget a load in the washer. I’m terrible at keeping up with laundry and sometimes I leave a load in the washer for a day or two. What a nasty smell! So, I would have to wash that load again,which means more water, more detergent. I was “blowing” money down the drain.

Last month at Walmart I purchased a small package of Tide Pods. They were more expensive than I prefer but I wanted to try them. The other day I left a load in the washer for 2 days and they still smelled freshly washed!

Tide pods: located in the laundry detergent isle. This product comes in a clear plastic bin with a bright orange lid. Each pod is a small clear pouch that contains a detergent, brightened, stain remover. According to the directions you turn on the washer, drop in a pod, fill tub with water, add clothes, shut lid. I don’t have time or all that waiting. I turn on washer, drop in pod and then add my laundry. I have yet to find this item on sale. However, I have found many coupon websites offering coupons and samples. Google Tide pods to find coupons. The average price is about $15 for a big package.

The owner of this blog accepts no responsibility for the use of this item. You should follow the directions on the package and keep product and container away children.


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I'm a 30 something married mother of 6 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys and an angel in heaven. I am a stay at home mom and a home educator. I have 3 children with mental disabilities and learning disabilities. 1 child who just recently received an autism diagnoses. I love education, traveling in the US, researching autism, frugal living, fun family activities, spending hours on end in the library. Most people label me and my family as weird and nerdy.......I'm honored to have that title!
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