Free family fun

Are you looking for free family fun for your children? Parenting and being frugal can be a challenge. I have put together a list of fun ideas.

Many people don’t realize the library offers free programs for children and adults. In most cases you don’t even need a library card. But, if you don’t have a card you get one, after all they’re free.

Children’s Museum
Many children’s museums offer a monthly family night. This is usually a week night that is sponsored by a local vendor. Call your local museum to find out if they do this. In my research I have also discovered that some museums offer seriously reduced entrance fees for kids on government assistance. It never hurts to ask!

Sugar Bush
Most maple syrup farms have guided tours explaining the process of turning maple sap into syrup, hay rides, and demonstrations on how syrup was made in the past. Near Salem Indiana there is a very nice Sugar bush and every February and March they have a very nice Maple syrup festival. Most things are free. Kids seem to be drawn to this event. They have an all you can eat breakfast for a charge. Look in your area too see if this is available. You haven’t had cotton candy until you’ve eaten maple syrup cotton candy!

Art Gallery
Many art museums have a Monthly family day. Kentucky has an art museum that offers a free family Saturday. Give your local gallery a call to see if they offer this. Does your town have a carniege art center? If yours does then give them a call, on top of free admission they offer free children crafts.

Star Gazing
Some Universities have free star gazing evenings in the summer at their observatories. You can also look in the yellow pages for astronomy clubs. Some of these clubs invite you to attend a star gazing meeting, in hopes that you will join.

Farmers Market or small town market
By friending some of the vendors my family and I have gotten free vacation nights at a local vineyard (during slow times). We have been allowed to go to vineyards and pick apples for free at the end of the season. My kids frequented a bead lady, now every time she sees us she gives my kids take home crafts. Don’t be afraid to talk to these vendors they are very knowledgeable. Corydon, Indiana has a nice downtown market called Develop Downtown. Open on Saturdays from spring to early fall.

Fire Station/EMT station
Call your local station for a free tour. Call first to schedule this free tour.

Call your local hotel and ask if you can use their indoor pool. Many hotels allow this during slow times and for a small fee. You can even book winter birthday parties.

Once a year the Y offers a week long free admission. Some YMCA’s have very nice family pools. Call your Y and inquire about this.

Nature centers
Many centers offer free programs for kids.

Grocery clubs
Many clubs offer free samples on Saturdays. Our local club offers so many different samples that you can fill up on them….FREE meal. Plus kids like being able to try those different items.

Health food stores
Many of these stores offer free tours, samples, and some even have very nice health related classes for a small donation.

Fall festivals
Some towns offer very nice fall festivals. In New Albany, Indiana during their Harvest homecoming (October) they offer a kids tent Saturday. Which is an awesome day of 100% free fun. Crafts, snacks, shows, balloon creatures, face painting, rock wall, inflatables. Does your town offer anything like this?

Big churches
A lot of those big churches offer a lot of community free programs. Scout their websites.

Many restaurants offer free product or nearly free days. In my area Krispy Kreme offers a free day once a year.

What fun can you have for free?


About givethemavoice77

I'm a 30 something married mother of 6 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys and an angel in heaven. I am a stay at home mom and a home educator. I have 3 children with mental disabilities and learning disabilities. 1 child who just recently received an autism diagnoses. I love education, traveling in the US, researching autism, frugal living, fun family activities, spending hours on end in the library. Most people label me and my family as weird and nerdy.......I'm honored to have that title!
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