How I keep from over spending on Christmas.

Well, the holidays are over! For the most part the decorations are down and soon the credit card or checking statements will be placed in your mailbox. If you are like most then you may have spent a tad more then you had anticipated.

We didn’t over spend this year for Christmas,but we almost did!

Shopping for 5 kids makes me want to pull my hair out. That old saying about Women being born to shop doesn’t apply to me. I dislike shopping!

Every year around October, My kids tell me what they want. Usually something like silly putty, Barbie dolls, John Deere tractors, etc. I then go online and shop. Once all the stuff arrives in the mail(free shipping),then my husband and I go into the basement. We set up a table for each child. Then we sort those gifts onto each child’s table. With everything sorted I make a list with each child’s name, gift description, price and rather or not it was requested. Every child has a gift budget of usually $75-$125. I go through the list and do the math and I also look at the gifts and make sure it is a match for my child. A lot times as a parent we purchase things that “we want” our kids to have.

This year my math was way off! In fact I had over spent by $225 on two kids. I then realized the items I had over paid on were ones that my kids hadn’t requested. So, because of our system we were able to catch the mistake and return them to the store. We stayed on budget!

One of my kids can’t stand to hear paper ripping. Instead of buying expensive gift bags, my husband gets 5 tall boxes (one for each kid). We place all the gifts in each kids box. Then we decorate the outside of the box. By doing this we eliminate the cost of wrapping paper and my kids love digging in their box for treasures.

I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas and New Year.


About givethemavoice77

I'm a 30 something married mother of 6 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys and an angel in heaven. I am a stay at home mom and a home educator. I have 3 children with mental disabilities and learning disabilities. 1 child who just recently received an autism diagnoses. I love education, traveling in the US, researching autism, frugal living, fun family activities, spending hours on end in the library. Most people label me and my family as weird and nerdy.......I'm honored to have that title!
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