Opening my eyes

I’ve been struggling with depression and Post traumatic stress disorder for more time then I wish to acknowledge. The past 6 years have been a battle that never ends. It seems so easy to wake up and put the depression on. Today I woke up and reached for the depression… was there waiting like an old friend. But then something different happened……I felt Gods presence in my life. I had been avoiding him for about 5 months, so he was not the voice I expected to hear today. It was as if he was telling me…….Patricia, I forgive you for those things you did 18 years ago. I have moved on and you should too. I felt as if he was saying,… your eyes and look what the Devil has put you through. What the Devil?

So, I looked out the window……yuck! Gloomy, looks like snow! But then at least I have vision to see the clouds.

So, I looked around the house….filthy! Looks like a dump! But then at least I have a house that needs cleaned.

So, I looked in the mirror….and a stranger is in the reflection! Wrinkled, battered, damaged, sick, weak! But then at least I’m still alive.

So, I looked into the school room….it’s still unpacked and looks like a bomb went off. But then at least my husband gave me this room.

So, I looked at how my kids are…..Then I got ticked off….that Devil has been taking so much from me and my family. I have let him….until today. Today, I will make an effort to stop him in his evil tracks!

Today I’m thankful!


About givethemavoice77

I'm a 30 something married mother of 6 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys and an angel in heaven. I am a stay at home mom and a home educator. I have 3 children with mental disabilities and learning disabilities. 1 child who just recently received an autism diagnoses. I love education, traveling in the US, researching autism, frugal living, fun family activities, spending hours on end in the library. Most people label me and my family as weird and nerdy.......I'm honored to have that title!
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